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Web / Email Hosting

At MonkeyPuzzle Computers we are able to offer a range of different web hosting and email hosting solutions. The type of website or email service you are looking to run can determine the web hosting solution we recommend to you.

MPC Web Hosting

MonkeyPuzzle Computers

If you are having your website designed by us then we are able to provide a feature rich and reliable web hosting service including, PHP, MySQL, ASP & a number of powerful CGI scripts. Our hosting includes nightly backups or your web data so you never have to worry about loosing those carfully constructed web pages.

  • MPC Web Hosting from £6/month + VAT

For more information about our MPC Web Hosting please contact us.

Domain Name Registration

Before you can have a website, you will have to register a domain name (the website address). We can provide assistance with this to ensure you have the correct setup in place and select the correct package.

DNS Configuration and Management

Without the correct DNS confgiuration your website may not be visible to customers and your email may not work at all. We are able to help with all aspects of DNS management for websites and email hosting.

Email Hosting

Email hosting provides a secure method of synchronising emails, calendars and caontacts across several devices whilst protecting your data.

For more infotmation about email hosting please see our online services page.

*Please note that setup charges do apply to most packages and we are happy to take you through the complete process to ensure your systems are setup quickly and efficiently. For more information please give us a call.