MonkeyPuzzle Computers: Ilminster, Somerset

Business Online Services

Cloud Computing is something of a buzzword nowadays - essentially it refers to running your business software as a service provided over the internet rather than bought, paid for and installed on a server at your premises. A simple concept that has many benefits:

  1. Software is paid for per user as a monthly cost rather than a one-off lump sum and therefore becomes an ongoing cost rather than a business asset.
  2. This brings a distinct benefit in terms of managing cashflow.
  3. You only pay for the number of users you require. As the business grows, new users can be added for a small additional cost.
  4. You pay only for the software you require. Software as a service (SaaS) is usually modular, which allows additional bolt-on features to added as needed.


All the benefits of having an email server without the cost of owning the hardware. With a email address and the ability to synchronise your messages across multiple computers and mobile devices, not only will you be able to contact your clients and colleagues from almost anywhere, your email will have that 'big business' feel.

For a low monthly cost per user, MonkeyPuzzle Computers will set up and configure your email and provide ongoing support including setting up new accounts and synchronising all your email locations. Email can also be accessed via webmail from any location. Never be out of touch again or be missing that vital email - let MonkeyPuzzle Computers put you back in touch.

Online Backup

Better internet connections mean businesses can now backup their data securely online. Backup occurs when your PCs are idle so as not to interfere with your work and ensures you have a secure back up off site from your business premises. Data can be retrieved at any time and prices are available on request.

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