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Successful Migration of Email for Client

Our client had been using Microsoft BPOS to host and manage email after moving away from a premises based hardware server 18 months ago. Micorosoft have replaced this service with Office 365 and th...

New Office 365 Plans Announced

Microsoft have announced that new versions of Office 365 are to be launched. Designed to offer the advantages of cloud computing to a wider customer base, these Plans will be aimed at Home Users an...

Sometimes It's the Simple Things

Sometimes It's the Simple Things Microsoft Office 365 is very much part of Cloud Computing, something which is to be a  pancea for businesses if the Cloud evangalists are to be believe...

Google Apps vs Office 365 - why the conflict?

It’s like the Beatles vs. the Stones. Or Man Utd vs Man City. It seems that these days it’s either one or the other. You either jump into the Microsoft camp and offer Office 365 service...

Email - How is it For You

Email. It’s such mundane part of our lives. Open up our email program; read, write and deal with emails; repeat as required. Always there, always useful, never pretty. But have a litt...

Hosted Email

What is Hosted Email? Simply put, your email is stored & managed online in secure systems rather than being left on a server on your own premises. You pay a monthly price rather than ha...

If I Started My Business Today, I Would Do It Very Differently

The Traditional Model Traditionally, starting a business has been a daunting affair requiring large investment of capital and time. Already having large liabilities can put a new business on a ...

Microsoft Technology Hub at the Yeovil Innovation Centre

On Friday afternoon I attended the opening launch of the Microsoft Technology Hub at the Yeovil Innovation Centre. Managed by Perspicuity, the Hub allows business decision makers to gain practical ...

Run Your Business for £13.25 per Month

Well, if truth be told there is a little more to it than that, but the attention grabbing title does highlight how simply (and cheaply) one can set up and run your business these days. This applies...

Microsoft Technology Hub in Yeovil

Experience technology that puts your business ahead of the competition. The Microsoft Technolgy Hub, based in the Yeovil innovation Centre, allows you to experience technolgy and see firsthand ...
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