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It’s such mundane part of our lives. Open up our email program; read, write and deal with emails; repeat as required. Always there, always useful, never pretty.

But have a little think about the following questions

  • How important is my email?
  • What if I couldn’t access it for a morning? Or a day? Or a week?
  • What if the internet stopped working at my place of work?
  • What would my clients and contacts do if I didn’t reply for a few days?
  • Is my email stored in only one place?

Now, I don’t want to be alarmist, however if any of those scenarios struck a chord even for a moment, there are some very nice solutions based around storing email in the Cloud that will keep your email safe and, more importantly, up and running no matter what. Things like Microsoft's Office 365 and GoogleApps.

Email outages cost money - simple as. How much money and whether they are disasterous is something you should have control over.



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