MonkeyPuzzle Computers: Ilminster, Somerset

What is Hosted Email?

Simply put, your email is stored & managed online in secure systems rather than being left on a server on your own premises.

You pay a monthly price rather than having to maintain and upkeep aging hardware. Email can be accessed anywhere and mailboxes, calendars and contact can all be shared easily between staff. Protection against online threats is provided as part of the package and your information is synchronised across all your devices.


Is it easy to use?

Simply carry on doing what you did before - email can be accessed via Outlook, webmail or smartphone.


What if I have a problem?

Our Hosted Email service includes all email support - all for one simple mnthly payment. Any issues are quick to resolve allowing you to carry on working with the minimum of disruption.


How Much Does It Cost?

£8 per month per mailbox.

There are a couple of different options depending on what best suits your business and shared mailboxes (such as info@, or enquiries@, which may be accessed by several staff members) are generally included free. 


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