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Google release the Nexus One Smartphone


Today Google have release their first major competition to the Apple iPhone, the Nexus One. The smart phone is currently only available via their web store: but will soon be available on T-Mobile & Vodafone in the UK.

We at MonkeyPuzzle Computers are seeing an increasing use in smart phones that allow users to stay in contact with emails, SMS, online docs and much more while on the move. These smart phones are able to work anywhere that has mobile coverage or access a wireless network allowing you never to miss that important email or meeting reminder.

We are able to provide Online Services that can host email, calendar, contacts and online docs. These services can be access by PC, Netbooks, Smart Phone's (like the Nexus One) and a number of other web devices.

If you are interested in how Online Services could benefit your company please contact us.

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