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Thinking of Starting a New Business?

I popped in to see my accountant the other day as I had a minor financial query. I’m lucky that he’s very open to such visits, not least because as a fellow small business owner, it’s good to talk over shared issues and ideas. On the way out I noticed he had a sign advertising the fact that if you were thinking of starting a new business, they would be very happy to help and provide advice.

I thought this was an excellent idea - before you even begin with your business venture, have a word with an accountant to find out what you need to do and, possibly more importantly, what not to do. Probably you ought to have a word with the bank and maybe the tax office as well, all before you begin.

However, when you think of it, these are all pretty obvious examples of what to do before setting out on a new business venture. It might be less obvious to suggest sorting out your IT needs before that all-important business launch date. There is plenty of great advice a good IT support company can give you, and it shouldn’t be all about which piece of expensive hardware to buy. In fact, I would suggest an It support company should be looking to keep your running costs to a manageable level, rather than trying to impress with fancy IT kit.

We’re now in the age of lean IT, accessible anywhere and billed on a per user basis. You will probably still need a laptop or PC, but you should expect to take your data anywhere, collaborate on documents with remote colleagues and communicate from anywhere via instant messaging and VOIP phones.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a new business, and before you invest in unnecessary IT, seek the advice of a good IT support company.

MonkeyPuzzle Computers are based in Ilminster, Somerset and work with businesses throughout Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

Incidentally, the accountant in question was Robert Stone of Robert Stone & Co in Ilminster, Somerset.

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