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The Server is Dead. Long Live the Server!


You hear this cry a lot these days - servers are old news, cloud computing is the way forward. And while I agree in principle and in most cases, it's not always so clear cut.

There are huge advantages to cloud computing - mobility, security, scalability, collaboration - the list is long and growing. And certainly IT support companies traditionally relied on the regular replacement of servers as a pretty much guaranteed source of income. At your expense. Things are changing now, the options are growing and you should challenge your IT company with regard to the best option for you.

That really is the point - you should find out what is best for you. Don't be fooled that the latest shiny technology is necessarily the best choice. Cloud computing levels the playing field and allows smaller companies to compete with larger corporations. It allows easy remote working. It swaps capital expenditure for operating expenditure. But what if that's just plain wrong for you?

What if you have large amounts of data moving between employees, such as accounting data accessed by several users at once? What if your internet is slow or unreliable? What if makes sense to spend lump sums each year rather than monthly payments for accounting purposes?

I'm a big fan of cloud computing and hosted solutions. But I wouldn't recommend them if they aren't going to make your business better. 

Interested in how technology can enable your business to grow, call Phil or James on 01460 200 000.

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