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Windows Server 2003 End of Life

We hear a lot about Cloud Computing these days, but the fact of the matter is that many, many businesses still run a server on-premises, as this is the best solution to meet their needs. However, if you operate a server running Windows Server 2003, you will need to replace it before July 2015.

Microsoft will cease providing security updates for the Windows Server 2003 family of operating systems on July 14th 2015. The single biggest concern if you are running such a server is that your business will be open to potential security risks and potentially no longer compliant with regulatory mechanisms. Subsequently there may also be issues with software application compatibility.

On the brighter side, more modern versions of Windows Server offer many potential benefits - ease of remote access, integration with cloud computing solutions and improved virtualisation options (running several servers on one set of hardware).

Now is the time to start planning for a successful replacement of your current server and think about utilising some of the new technologies that can improve business efficiency and communication. As there always is with these things, come the deadline there will be a last minute rush and inevitable delays - act now to secure and improve your business.

Call James or Phil on 01460 200 000 to discuss the benfits of upgrading your business server.

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