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No-one Ever Changes Accountant, No-one Ever Changes IT Support

It’s well known that it takes a lot for businesses to change accountants* and most don’t even consider it. There’s the fear of the unknown, or you might be good friends with them, and as long as the end of year accounts are finished on time, why would you consider moving? It usually requires a major impetus to make a change - a falling out, or missed deadlines and a penalty fine, that sort of thing.

And it’s the same with IT support. Most businesses get on fine. They have a support company that they can call on when needed, the problem is fixed and everyone gets on with what they were doing. Generally, the consideration of changing IT support firm only comes up when a mistake is made and cross words are exchanged. And if you’re happy, why change?

Well, no reason at all. Your prime consideration might be how cheap they are compared to all the other IT support firms out there and think of all the money you’re saving. Fantastic. Perhaps, then, they aren’t investing time in your business to make sure you’re operating with the best procedures and systems? Perhaps they’re not checking backups and doing test restores? I mean, to be cheap, the savings have to come from somewhere, right?

And there’s the simple fact that it’s all been fine up to now. You’ve been able to keep the same equipment and systems for years, patching and mending where necessary and doing what you’ve always done. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they say. Which would be fine it IT wasn’t a fast moving sector with new technologies coming to the fore to make your business more efficient and profitable. I certainly wouldn’t advocate that any IT support company should simply be flogging the latest shiny toy, but you should at least be having those conversations with them to see if IT can make your business better.

But then, I’ve got a vested interest, haven’t I? I’m one of those IT support people and we all need new business, don’t we? It’s in my interest to convince you to swap IT companies, of course. Except that I’ve never seen my role as fixing or selling IT. I’m there to ensure your business works as you intend it to, to facilitate your grand plans and, of course, to sort those problems when they arise. I should make it simple for you to grow and take the alarm out of any hurdles that arise.

So as long as your IT support company is doing that too, then you shouldn’t change. Definitely not.



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