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IT Pros Do a Good Job

Ah, the much-maligned IT Pro. Or Geek. Or Vulcan. Whatever you want to call them. 

We all enjoy taking the mickey out of them. After all, they do know an awful lot about computers and computers are a bit nerdy in themselves. Fine when you are doing proper work on them, but to know how a PC ticks, and how to fix it, that’s a bit too much.
It’s all meant in good fun and that’s how you have to take it. It’s part of being an IT professional. We do a technical job and although we try our hardest here at Monkeypuzzle to explain matters in plain English, sometimes you have to use technical jargon and  some of it sounds plain weird. Why wouldn’t someone joke about it? Occasionally someone will become irrationally angry that a problem can’t be fixed in three minutes flat, but to be honest that probably happens in all lines of work.
But to turn that all on it’s head, I recently read an article by Harry McCracken on the ExecTweets blog site that expounded just how much credit was due to IT staff in keeping him productive. Despite doing things he shouldn’t and also not doing the things he should, the IT staff he employed would unfailingly get his PC up and running again.
Particularly now as we all depend heavily on our PCs at work and at home, downtime on a PC is at best inconvenient and at worst costs money. A good IT Pro is worth their weight in gold.


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