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IT Planning Takes Time - But 'You're Worth It'

Never underestimate how long it takes to get ready for an IT project.

A large part of IT support is reacting to client's sudden issues and making right. Due to that, client's may get a false sense that IT companies are good enough to just turn up and fix things at a moment's notice. However, fighting fires is not the same as getting ready to replace a server or equip a new office.

This sort of project takes time. And planning. And lots of dull questions. And some more planning. That way, on the actual day, everyone gets what they want, in the way they want it.

We recently moved a client into their new office. There was a lot of planning. From a long time beforehand. There were also a lot of boring questions which the client didn't really have time to answer because they were planning an office move. They were busy. But it's our job to persevere because it needs to go right. And everything did go right. As planned. Bar one small hiccup, but in a way we had planned for the unexpected too, so that was rectified swiftly.

It's not rocket science. Often it's not even complicated. But it does need to be identified and planned for, and that takes time.  

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