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How to Run a Business: Part 5

Well, one way to run a business at least.

Over the past 18 months or so, there have been some fairly significant changes to the way we conduct business at MonkeyPuzzle Computers. These have led to more efficient ways of working and a more complete service to our clients.

In a series of blog posts, I would like to explain which technologies have made the most impact and demonstrate how they have improved the way we work.


Social Media

I’m going to start with a link to a great blog post by Tia Peterson explaining how to use Twitter for business in only 15 minutes a day. Click here.

And the reason for this is that so many Social Media evangelists will tell you Twitter and it’s ilk are the be all and end all of business marketing. That you must devote significant time to raising your online profile and conducting worthwhile, researched campaigns to get most benefit.

They may be right, but I, like most business managers I know, can’t rustle up tracts of time to engage in lengthy Social Media campaigns in my already busy schedule.

However, Social Media, and Twitter in particular, is a great way to get your name known and recognised. It’s also easy - sign up and off you go. No expensive ad campaigns or researching pay per click keywords. Tweets by their very nature have to be brief and interesting.

People who Tweet like good content and they will pass it on, ‘retweet’ it. You see? - be interesting and other people will increase your brand awareness for you!

The largest benefit of Twitter for me is the ability to engage with clients directly. By keeping an eye on my Twitter account, I can answer questions, solve problems and communicate very efficiently. It’s another way for people to contact me, just like email, just like the phone.

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