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A Compelling Reason to Use a Hosted Email Solution

We’re quite used to extolling the many virtues of hosted email solutions here at MonkeyPuzzle. GoogleApps and Microsoft Online Services offer many benefits such as flexibility, ease of configuration and scalability. However, we recently came across a very straightforward, everyday example of the benefit of managing email via the cloud.

One particular client had moved to GoogleApps a few months ago. They are often on the move and conduct business across Europe. A hosted email solution made sense to keep in contact and stay in communication across numerous devices - PC, laptop and smartphone.

On one particular laptop email was accessed through Outlook using the Google Sync Tool. Outlook had thrown up an error stating that their was an error in the .pst file (which holds your messages, calendars and contacts) and that the scanpst.exe program should be run to repair the file. We duly did so, an error was identified and on running the scanpst.exe tool, promptly not fixed.

Let me repeat that - the file containing all the email messages, calendar and contacts was corrupt and beyond repair. All the email messages were lost.

Only they weren’t lost. As email was being held in the the cloud and synchronised with Outlook, we simply ran the Google Sync Tool again to re-synchronise. Within 20 minutes all the email was back in place.

Without doubt, that is one compelling reason to keep your email in the cloud.

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