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MPC has Gone Google

We’re just completing our move to using Google Apps for all our email.

Up until now we’ve used Microsoft Exchange to manage our email system, which has done a fine job. However Google Apps offers a whole more.

Now, I don’t want to get too geeky in my explanation of all this, but the barebones of why we made our move to Google Apps are this:

Our old email system was based on a piece of hardware located in our office. All our emails would route through that and it would send them all to the correct destinations. It also ran our company shared calendar and contact systems. It worked well.

So, why the move to Google, then?

  • Web based system - accessible from any PC
  • Backed up regularly and email is archived
  • Synchronises across all our devices - PCs, notebooks, mobiles
  • Uses the same company email addresses
  • Emails are organised in threads, making it easy to follow conversations
  • Spam filtering is excellent
  • No need for expensive hardware and maintenance costs

Our email system is now quicker, offers more features and easier to configure resulting in a more efficient business.

For more details of the benefits Google Apps could bring to your business, please contact Phil or James. 


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