MonkeyPuzzle Computers: Ilminster, Somerset

PC Boot Camp

Whip your PC back into shape and get it running at peak efficiency.

A Boot Camp can help speed up your PC and extend it’s useful life. Over time you can accumulate unwanted programs, unnecessary background applications, spyware, malware, and a host of other items that can reduce the performance of your PC. The requirements of programs and even Windows itself can grow leaving your computer a little short of power.

During your Boot Camp we will look at the following areas to ensure your PC is running at optimum efficiency;

Removal of spyware/malware
Removal of viruses
Anti-virus program updates
Windows updates
Level of internet security
Reduction of unnecessary startup items
Install all necessary security applications
Available PC memory
Recommended upgrades/additional programs

The PC Boot Camp will ensure your computer is trim and efficient and continues to give the best possible service. Avoid frustration and extend the life of your PC – send it for a MonkeyPuzzle Computers Boot Camp today.