MonkeyPuzzle Computers: Ilminster, Somerset

Data Recovery

When the Worst Happens

Some data is irreplaceable. Take photographs, for instance.

In the days before digital cameras, we all paid to process far too many photographs that were no good at all, but at least we had paper copies of all our precious memories. Now all those photos are stored on a single hard drive on the family computer . That computer gets used for all manner of tasks by all sorts of people - imagine if one day it stopped working.

We all mean to back up data, but often it just never gets done in time.

MonkeyPuzzle Computers can recover all manner of seemingly lost data including photos, emails and documents. Whether you simply require data transferred from an old PC to a new system, or files recovered from failed or accidentally erased hard drives, we can attempt to restore that important data and those sentimental memories. Data can be transferred to alternative hard drives, USB memory stick or CD/DVD.

Let us examine your data – there is no charge for an inspection to determine if we can recover your files. With our specialist software there is an excellent chance of a successful recovery no matter how bleak the prospect appears initially.

Before the Worst Happens

Let us recommend a straightforward and simple method of backing up those important files. Many back up options exist from manual copying of files to DVD or USB memory stick, through to external hard drives and automatic scheduling of backups.

It’s certainly true that it’s never too early to start backing up, but it can be too late.