MonkeyPuzzle Computers: Ilminster, Somerset

Gungho Marketing

Who They Are

Gungho Marketing deliver tailor-made business discovery solutions to high-tech companies through a combination of lead generation, business development, appointment setting and database maintenance.

Challenge - Their Situation

Gungho Marketing already used a VOIP solution for phone calls but were becoming increasingly unhappy with their previous supplier due to quality of service issues. As a business discovery and tele-marketing company, Gungho Marketing rely heavily on their phone system and any interruption can have a serious financial implication. Therefore they required a robust phone system that provided continuity of service with flexibility.

Solution - How We Were Able to Help

VOIP Phone System

VOIP telephony provides a hosted telephone exchange system via the internet. Working in partnership with Merlin Telecommunications Ltd, MonkeyPuzzle Computers implemented a VOIP phone system solution which offered high quality voice calls with scalability and flexibility. Staff can move telephones easily within the office as they work within different campaign teams throughout the week. In addition, they can take phones home and connect to their domestic broadband should the need arise, for example if disruption due to snow is forecast. New staff members can easily be added to the phone system as workload dictates.

Business Continuity

A robust internet connectivity solution was required that will allow Gungho Marketing to continue working if there is disruption to the broadband connection. Two broadband connections were implemented, via two different internet providers, and the VOIP phone system will switch between them automatically should one broadband fail. Disruption is kept to a minimum.


  • Robust internet connectivity ensures business continuity
  • VOIP phone solution is both flexible and scalable
  • Excellent call quality and provision of service