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Ever So Clean

Who They Are

Ever So Clean Supplies Ltd is a vibrant and dynamic company based in Yeovil that has been established for over 15 years. The key to their success is in an understanding and appreciation of their customer’s needs and working closely with them to provide products at competitive prices, service, support and training.

Their core business is in supplying quality Paper Consumables, Cleaning Products and Equipment, Embroidered Corporate Wear, Work Wear and PPE, offering a delivery service nationwide and counter sales for collection.

Challenge - Their Situation

Ever So Clean were having problems with email. They operated one email account which was provided by their broadband provider and the major concern was that no-one was ever sure which email had been received and responded to. Multiple PCs and devices picked up email so at any one time an email could be on any of those devices or possibly none, if someone had accidentally deleted it. This was frustrating and time-consuming.

Solution - How We Were Able to Help

We recommended that Ever So Clean moved to Google Apps to manage their email. Google Apps stores email in the cloud and synchronises it to multiple devices. The key word here is ‘synchronised’ - if one person reads an email, it is marked as read on every device. We also advised that they use their more professional domain name. As several employees had access to the same email account, they needed to know who had responded to what email. Staff have access to other users’ mailboxes as necessary and to the main company mailbox.

The benefits were:

  • Email is securely stored off site and can’t be lost
  • Each device has the same Read / Unread messages, Sent Items and Drafts
  • Start an email on one device, carry on with the draft on another
  • Old email was moved across so nothing was lost
  • Company signature added automatically to all outgoing emails
  • Subscription based monthly cost with support included

Ever So Clean can now be confident that they aren’t losing emails and that opportunities are not being missed with customers. Emails can be accessed away from the office without causing confusion and all emails are stored in one place.