MonkeyPuzzle Computers: Ilminster, Somerset


Increasingly IT services that were provided by hardware and software situated at a company's premises, can be provided over the internet in a cost effective manner. MonkeyPuzzle Computers aim to provide these facilities and, more importantly, advice and unrivalled levels of service to assist businesses in making the most of the latest opportunities.

Managing Director and owner, Phillip Wright, believes this new manner of utilising software over the net could bring significant savings to businesses and provide access to more powerful software;

"There is no reason why any business shouldn't have access to very powerful software applications which allow them to compete at the same level as much larger companies. Generally software as a service provided over the internet is paid for by a low monthly cost per user rather than one-off fee for purchase. This carries major benefits in terms of cash-flow and the ability to expand organically in the future."

The team at MonkeyPuzzle Computers aim to provide a wide range of business tools centred on internet based subscription services as well as strengthening their position providing support and management for server based IT systems. Whilst we love new technology, it is always your business profitability that is paramount and our advice will always reflect what suits your business, what is best placed to make your business more productive.